How to Budget Like a Boss

Learn exactly how to create a deprivation-free budget in one afternoon

Are you ready to build a budget that says “yes” to all of your dreams, goals, and passions?

Learn the ONLY way to build a passion-based budget that will NEVER deprive you of living a fabulous life


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re brilliant and fabulous, but are always broke and don’t know why.
  • You get jealous and envious of your friends when they brag about how much they travel, dine out, or acquire such nice thing.
  • You continuously cross your fingers when you hand over your credit card at the register, hoping that it won’t get declined.
  • You compare yourself to others and ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” when you see how they manage their money better than you.
  • You realize that you’ve been working for at least five years and your savings account looks like you’re still in college.
  • You can’t lose your job because you don’t have a financial cushion to keep you covered until you find something new.
  • You are living paycheck to paycheck and you’re realizing that it’s not cute anymore.
  • You’re tired of pretending like you know how to manage your money and are ready to learn how to build a budget from scratch.

Why Budgets Are Sexy… And Why That’s Not Weird

When you get to my age (over 30), weird things become sexy... like budgets.

Yes, budgets have such an allure for me.

Despite what the haters say, budgets don't deprive.

Budgets don't deny.

Budgets help you indulge.

They help you ignite your passions and thicken and round up those savings account.

Ain't nothing sexier than a thick-a** balance statement.

Ain't nothing sexier than being able to say "yes" to that life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (insert what that is to you here) or "hell nah" to an experience that is soul-sucking and brain numbing.

Ever want to "feel yourself" in a real way?

Not in the fleeting my-nails-are-done-and-my-hair-is-did way.

No shade, but in a week, when the nails chip and the humidity takes over, you won't be feeling yourself all... that much.

I'm talking about a deep, quiet confidence about feeling yourself.

Well, then you need to enroll in my Budget Like a Boss module.


In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a budget makes you feel like a grown woman.
  • Where to find more money to do things that you love doing more
  • The money mindset shifts to make you for you build wealth through budgeting
  • How to create a budget that fits your life, not the other way around
  • The handy rules of thumb that will allow you adjust your budget on the fly so you can travel, shop, eat out, and pursue your passions.
  • Which online banks and tools to use so you can overcome any initial fear of getting right with your money.
  • …. and much more.

Get started now!

Kara makes talking about money, fear, and the future easy. I love that she speaks from her experiences, breaks things down so it’s easy to understand, and is so humble about her financial dopeness and knowledge. –Sherri S.

Kara's work is so important for all of us. I love her website and everything she does. We NEED these conversations about prosperity and abundance.

Abiola Abrams, founder of Sacred Bombshell Academy

Recently, I told her that my goal for next year was to save $10,000. She told me to start with a CD so that I can't physically touch the money and I would be penalized if I take the money out too early. The work I am doing with Kara has helped my tremendously. It's a slow process but it's worth it.

V. Gary

Your Instructor


Kara Stevens is the founder of The Frugal Feminista, a personal finance and lifestyle blog and committed to empowering women to use money as a tool to fund their “juiciest” lives.

After climbing her way out of $65K worth of student loan and credit card debt, building up her financial reserves, and aggressively investing in equities, Kara soon saw the link between personal liberation, power, and financial freedom and wanted to inspire and educate other women around the increasing their financial acumen and financial self-confidence.

A teacher, historian, connector, and activist at heart, Kara wants to lead a “frugal feminista” revolution– to change the conversation between girlfriends, between husbands and wives, and between mothers and daughters.

Ms. Stevens is a native New Yorker and first-generation American via the beautiful island of Antigua. She possesses a BA in Political Science from Oberlin College, a MSEd in Bilingual Education from CUNY’s Hunter College and an EdM in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

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