Budget to Abundance Bundle

Learn The Simple System that Will Help YOU Save More and Eliminate Debt While Still Enjoying Your Money

Hi, I’m Kara, founder of The Frugal Feminista, a thriving personal finance and personal development company committed to helping people heal their relationships with money and themselves. I climbed out of $65k of student loan and credit card debt.

My relatable financial advice has been featured on Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, ESSENCE, Women’s Day Magazine, The Washington Post, and other nationally recognized media outlets.

I’m  also the author of heal your relationship with money, The Happy Finances Challenge, and Unmasking the Strong Black Woman

Also, I love Black women and helping them make their lives full as well as their wallets.

We are a mood, a vibe, and a movement and we deserve all of the good things that come our way. 

You can keep in touch with me on Twitter (@frugalfeminista), Instagram (@frugalfeminista), and Facebook (@TheFrugalFeminista).

COURSE #1: Budget Like a BOSS (normally $97)

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a budget makes you feel like a grown woman.
  • Where to find more money to do things that you love doing more
  • The money mindset shifts to make you for you build wealth through budgeting
  • How to create a budget that fits your life, not the other way around
  • The handy rules of thumb that will allow you adjust your budget on the fly so you can travel, shop, eat out, and pursue your passions.
  • Which online banks and tools to use so you can overcome any initial fear of getting right with your money.

…. and much more.

COURSE #2: How to Demolish Your Debt Like a Grown Woman & Still Maintain Your Lifestyle

In This Module:

My simple yet effective system debt elimination (it’s the system that helped me eliminate over $65K worth of student loan and credit card debt)

  • The myth around good and bad debt
  • How to defend yourself against debt collectors
  • Why you should use your emotions when eliminating debt
  • How you can eliminate debt on an irregular income
  • How to save and slay debt at the same time
  • Why it’s never too late to start eliminating debt (though time will not ALWAYS be on your side)
  • How to stay out of debt once you KILL it for good.
  • How to build credit of steel as you eliminate your ugly debt


BONUS #1: How to Build a $1K Emergency Fund without Thinking or Missing the Money (value $97)

In this value-packed online course, you will learn:

five of Kara’s Solid and Surefire Savings System strategies;

the ROAR system of financial self-care;

2 easy-to-implement structures that Kara uses to save more than 20% of her income every year.

These strategies, systems, and structures will bring you the financial confidence and financial security that you need for #juicyliving

BONUS #2: The Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint Financial Planner (normally $27)

This financial planner is everything! 

Twelve beautiful, high-quality reflective worksheets and templates to help you get your finances in order and your relationship with money healed.

This book contains the tools that will set you financially free.

I highly suggest you put all of the inflow in one color and all of the outflow in a different color. You will begin to see when your money flow is strong and when it is weak and wobbly at a glance.

If you’ve never given any thought to how you will use each check, this worksheet will immediately change how you manage your money on a week-to-week basis as well as a daily basis.

Here are the tools that will set you financially free:

My Financial Fears: Money is as much about the wallet as it is about the mind. This worksheet is a reflective tool for you to articulate what your real fears about money are, and which action steps you will take to overcome them.

My Financial Life: I heart this tool soooo much. I use this tool when I need to see a 360- degree overview of my financial life. It helps me see my financial strengths and where I should place my energy next.

My Financial Life Analysis: Use this tool in conjunction with My Financial Life so you can get even more financially intimate with yourself. Once you’ve completed this template, you will feel sooooo financially self-aware.

My Financial Year at a Glance: Use this template throughout the year to track the progress that you are making with your money goals.

Financial Calendar: If you have a social calendar, then you need a financial calendar. When using this calendar, write out what is happening with money every day of the month. Write down when your bills are due, when your invoices go out, your paydays, and when you will sit down and create a budget for the next month.

I highly suggest you put all of the inflow in one color and all of the outflow in a different color. You will begin to see when your money flow is strong and when it is weak and wobbly at a glance.

Budget Worksheet: This is a pretty straightforward budget worksheet. With this budget worksheet, you get to write down how much you’re spending on your needs and wants, and set goals for yourself.

Change My Budget, Change My Life: This worksheet takes money management to the next level. We all know that some times of the month can be leaner than others. I know that’s the case for me. I know that the majority of my bills come toward the beginning of the month, so I know that the majority of my first paycheck will go towards paying bills. On the other hand, I use my second paycheck for savings and investing goals.

If you’ve never given any thought to how you will use each check, this worksheet will immediately change how you manage your money on a week-to-week basis as well as a daily basis.

Daily Expense Tracker: If you need to take baby steps into the world of budgeting, then this worksheet is super (duper) important to use. In order for you to understand how to save, you need to really know where your money is going. Use this tracker to keep tabs on what you buy and the method by which you purchased it (cash, credit, debit). Closely analyze how many of your purchases are needs and wants. Aim to track your spending for 21 days. When you have a clear understanding of your spending, you will find easy areas in your budget to streamline.

My 52-Week Savings Challenge: If you are struggling to save, then this worksheet is right for you. After you have saved the designated amount for the week, cross it off. Encourage a friend to join you so you both can keep each other accountable.

I Don’t Do Debt Overview: When you know everything about your debt, you have power. This template keeps you organized and updated about the nature of your debt. Keep this template posted in your office or near your computer. You will need to reference it often.

Debt Domino Action Plan: Use this template to create a debt repayment action plan for each of your debts. The circle with the hashtag (#) is for you to number each of your debts. Once you’ve paid everything off on your first debt, print out another Debt Domino Action Plan template and label it #2, then repeat the process. Once you’ve paid off your second debt, print out a third template and label it #3. Rinse and repeat until all of your debt is gone.

I Pay My Bills on Time, Every Time Tracker: Do I need to explain any further? The key to paying your bills on time is knowing when you have to pay them.

This bundle is not available for purchase.

Your Instructor

Kara Stevens is the founder of The Frugal Feminista, a personal finance and lifestyle blog and committed to empowering women to use money as a tool to fund their “juiciest” lives.

After climbing her way out of $65K worth of student loan and credit card debt, building up her financial reserves, and aggressively investing in equities, Kara soon saw the link between personal liberation, power, and financial freedom and wanted to inspire and educate other women around the increasing their financial acumen and financial self-confidence.

A teacher, historian, connector, and activist at heart, Kara wants to lead a “frugal feminista” revolution– to change the conversation between girlfriends, between husbands and wives, and between mothers and daughters.

Ms. Stevens is a native New Yorker and first-generation American via the beautiful island of Antigua. She possesses a BA in Political Science from Oberlin College, a MSEd in Bilingual Education from CUNY’s Hunter College and an EdM in Organizational Leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this refundable?

As this is a Budget to Abundance Sale, which I'm offering at a deeeepp discount, and a digital product, we don’t offer refunds at this time.

We are confident that if you complete the courses, create a plan, and do the work, you’ll be able to see results in your finances. 

How long do I have access to the bundle?

It’s yours to keep.